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Nordic Launches Click & Ship Drum Shell Store

The convenient B2B ecommerce site will boast a stock of 11 standard lines

MINNEAPOLIS - Nordic Drum Shells launches its online drum shell store January 21, 2019. Core inventory will include 11 standard lines as well as an abundance of uniques shells added each week.

Nordic, which turned heads at NAMM in January 2018, has from the gate focused on quality, volume and customer service. The young and growing startup is gaining some incredible momentum, with several of the industry’s top names already joining their client roster. The Minneapolis-based manufacturer is in its second year of business, and includes a team of five full-time woodworking drummers creating perfect shells at high volumes.

Launching the ecommerce store is just the natural next step in bringing more high quality options to the industry and changing the way builders look at their product lines. “Since our inception, our goal has been to merge craftsmanship, creativity and manufacturing to create products that haven’t been available before at this scale,” says Dave West, Nordic co-founder and CEO.

Highlights of the online store include:

  • Click & Ship purchase of premium shells ensures quicker turnaround time on commonly requested items such as Maple, Birch & Mahogany/Poplar

  • Online catalog of 11 in-stock lines beyond the current industry standards, such as Ash, Cherry, Mahogany, Walnut and combinations like Cherry/Mahogany & Walnut/Ash

  • Over 200 products in the shop and more added each week ensuring there’s something for every builder or drum manufacturer

The online store will be accessed at nordicshells.com/store.

About Nordic Drum Shells

Nordic Drum Shells was established in October 2017. The manufacturer’s primary focus is to raise the bar, exceed expectations and ultimately, provide the industry with more choices in premium drum shells.

Media assets

True Series - Birch 6 ply

True Series - Calico Walnut 6 ply

Unlimited Series - Ambrosia Maple 10 Ply