It's simple. We care.

Better quality products, more options and great customer service. Nordic is created by drummers, for drummers. It's time to modernize the craft of drum shell making.

the future of drum shells

Whether you’re a boutique or a major brand, we offer a custom-tailored shell that can single-handedly expand our clients’ product lines. And because we create our own plywood in-house on state-of-the-art equipment, you’ll have access to custom drum shells made from any wood species and any number of plys and grain orientations. No more limiting yourself to maple, birch and mahogany (...not that there’s anything wrong with that).

New inventory options means a whole new consumer base for you. Fast turnaround times means you won’t be sabotaging your cash flow waiting for your shipment. No minimum orders on our standard woods means you can experiment with new products or product lines. By adding premium wood species to your drum shells, you can create one-of-a-kind lines with special edition pricing.

And it's all made by fellow drummers in our Minneapolis workshop.

In short, you talked and we listened. Oh, did we mention our 100% guarantee?


Nordic vs the other guys

  • No flat spots

  • No gaps

  • Tight seams

  • More options

  • No minimum orders on standard items

“Since our inception, our goal has been to merge craftsmanship, creativity and manufacturing to create products that haven’t been available before at this scale”

— Dave West, Nordic co-founder / CEO


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Whether it’s 1 or 1000, we'll help you identify what you need to create the perfect custom product.

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Once your unique wood selection is determined, we source the highest grade woods available.

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Your project goes into our queue. From there you'll receive the finished shipment in a few weeks!

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We hand manufacture each of your shells in our Minneapolis shop with detail and precision.

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Upon completion, a thorough inspection ensures your products meet our strict standards.

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We stand behind our work. If you're not 100% satisfied with your order, we’ll replace your product.

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Our business - and yours - hinges on supply, so we're committed to sustainably sourcing and repopulating trees.