This is by far the most innovative process in drum shell making within the last 40 years. You can order any of our shell sizes in any combination of wood species, in any ply count and grain orientation desired. Create a truly unique shell with endless combinations-  and order in bulk if you want! Finally, a product that lives up to its name. I’ll give you a moment to let that sink in...

Plus, you can consult with our team to create the exact sound, texture and look of your custom drum shells. Talk about creating a hot new product line!

popular examples

  • Use the Blended Series core and add a premium wood species for the face plys

  • Use the Blended Series core and add two different premium woods for the faces

  • Alternate the plys with two different wood species

  • Alternate the plys with three different wood species

  • Model after the True Series but with a premium wood

  • You get the idea...

Be sure to check out the Nordic Tone Scale (coming soon!) to learn more about the unique characteristics that different species of wood have to offer.




Made of any combination of wood species and ply count, and in any sequence or grain orientation imaginable.